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Performing On: Sunday, 21 July At WTF Stage - 18:15

50 Awards both in the field of music and cinematography, have gained in the 7 years of his musical journey. Working with the way of independence, TULUS works under management of TulusCompany, the company he built with his brother, Riri Muktamar. TulusCompany as the record label and artist management has released 3 music albums for TULUS, called "Tulus", "Gajah", and "Monokrom". All music works in the three music albums are TULUS's own works.

TULUS holds a bachelor's degree in architecture with endless love for music. Not only that, TULUS, collaborates with various professions outside the music industry. Among them, making music videos, video documentation, and art performances for music videos. Davy Linggar, Melati Suryodharmo, and Papermoon Puppet Theater are 3 of the many other names that have collaborated with TULUS. Not only in Indonesia, in 2015, TULUS also published his music works in Japan starting with the release of a Japanese song, "Kutsu". "Kutsu" is a composition of the song "Sepatu" in the Japanese version. After Japan, he also expanded to Malaysia. This began with the official launch of the "Monokrom" Album in Malaysia.

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