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The Adams

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Performing On: Friday, 19 July At This Stage Is Bananas - 19:25

The Adams was formed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2002 on the grounds of the Jakarta Institute of Arts, a fertile environment for kids looking to start a band. Their blend of crunching guitars, sweet harmonies, memorable melodies and relatable lyrics promptly placed them among the leading lights of the city's emerging independent music scene, releasing albums The Adams and v2.05 to commercial and critical acclaim in 2005 and 2006 respectively, while building up a nationwide following through a rigorous touring schedule.

While in the ensuing years the band members have been busy with their personal lives and other endeavors, it is a testament to the enduring strength of songs such as "Konservatif", "Waiting", "Halo Beni" and "Hanya Kau" that they remained an in-demand live act that performed at various major Indonesian music festivals and served as the opening act for renowned British band Bloc Party in Jakarta during their 2013 Asia tour.

In 2017 the band made its entire back catalogue available on digital music services, including the ß Release EP which collected previously-released non-album tracks and an all-new version of "Glorious Time". The same year also saw the band make a triumphant debut appearance at We The Fest.

In 2019, The Adams finally released their long-awaited third album, Agterplaas, with songs such as "Pelantur", "Masa-Masa" and "Timur" quickly becoming firm fan favorites. Agterplaas sees the band retaining its signature sound while pushing the limits of their musical abilities, with lyrics that remain relatable while reflecting their maturity as adults.

The Adams consists of Ario Hendarwan (vocals, guitar), Saleh Husein (vocals, guitar), Gigih Suryo Prayogo (vocals, drums) and Pandu Fathoni (vocals, bass).

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