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Sal Priadi

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Performing On: Friday, 19 July At Another Stage - 22:25

Even though he's a new guy in the block, Sal Priadi has given a new breath in Indonesian pop music scene with his magical romantic songs with a touch of Pop Ballad. With just only two songs in his belt, Sal Priadi has made himself to be nominated as Best Male Pop Singer in the highest musical award in Indonesia, Anugrah Musik Indonesia 2018.

With the help of his written poetries, rusty guitar, his fellow musician, and simple bedroom recording tools, Sal Priadi started to record his first view songs. Only after he took courage to finally uploaded on SoundCloud, people started to ask for more. An intimate presence that was shared, straight from the comfort of his bedroom.

Year after, Sal Priadi has released his four singles (“Kultusan”, “ikat Aku Di Tulang Belikatmu”, “Melebur Semesta”, and “Jangan Bertengkar Lagi Ya? OK? OK!”). Now available on Spotify.

Murky yet flamboyant, with the touch of strings, piano, and accoustic guitar to accompany love and tragedy in his lyrics, Sal Priadi pesents a new wave of peculiar emotions ro give a new color to Indonesia’s music industry.

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