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Performing On: Sunday, 21 July At Another Stage - 18:20

Indie rock outfit Noirless has been a band for four years. Members Rama Mazaya (Guitar & Vocal), Aryandra Kareem (Guitar), Bayu Arifianto (Bass). Fans of 90s alternative and shoegaze rock will find plenty to delight within the melodic haze that makes up Choices.

Like a lot of bands, Noirless met each other at gigs. As students in Bandung who were eagerly devouring the sounds of the city's always-lively underground scene, they were drawn to each other immediately.

They quickly settled on the name Noirless and came to an agreement that they wanted to create music that was not complex musically but had depth in its lyrics and sound. They wanted to, as Bayu says, “create hooks in every song”.

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